Teams That Work - Teamwork Advisor
Step 1: Pick a Driver Of Interest

With your team in mind, read through the key questions to learn about the drivers. Then choose one you want to explore. The advisor will then present you with several related challenges to teamwork, followed by targeted tips.

Which driver, if improved, could help your team the most?

Driver Key Questions Explore
Capability Does our team have the right people on it with the right mix of individual and team knowledge, skills and attributes?
Cooperation Do team members possess the right attitudes and beliefs about teaming and our team?
Coordination Is our team consistently demonstrating effective teamwork behaviors?
Communication Are team members sharing info effectively with each other and with those outside the team?
Cognition Do team members possess a shared understanding about priorities, roles, vision, if-then, etc.?
Conditions Are the necessary conditions in place to enable our team to work together and succeed?
Coaching Are our team leader and/or other members demonstrating leadership behaviors that help the team "win"?